You Are My Ghost

Thinkin' of you can't bring me down anymore
Though there's a slight trickle of melancholy
Creeping up and down my spine
Ev'ry time

Talkin' 'bout you can't make me cry anymore
Though when I say your name
This sudden softness in my voice
I can't disguise

Seein' you don't give me the creeps anymore
Though when I saw you passing by this morning
Felt like jumping out of the car
Catch my fallen star

I don't love you anymore
I close my eyes, turn off my mind and lock the door
But as my ghost you're slippin' right through every wall
Takes all my strength and energy to keep control
No, I don't love you anymore
A better world is waiting just outside the door
But as my ghost you keep on lurking in my mind
The shadow of a love, a mirror turning blind

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